How do I use a warp?

Warps are preset areas that you can teleport to using the /warp command. To use a warp you simply type in /warp warpname. Warps are case sensitive and can have spaces in them. This means that /warp my house is not the same as /warp My House or /warp MYHOUSE.

Warp names should be something easily remembered. There are several places that have warps listed including the room at the end of the rules in Mainland (/warp Rules); the Notice Board in the library (/warp TheLibrary) and the Welcome Center in Peaceful (/warp wc).

As ships begin to travel around the worlds, there will be warps listed in the hold of each ship that point to previous spawn points for that world.

For more information see how to set a warp and how to delete a warp and how to list warps.

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