roleplay2Everyone has access to our Roleplay World, however, just like with our Creative World there are special rules for Roleplay.

You access the world through entering the circus tent at the shipyard spawn.

This world is set to adventure mode and has several pre-built areas in it so that you can simply focus on roleplaying.

The Roleplay rules are located at the entrance to Fun Town. Read every sign carefully so that you can get the password that lets you skip going through this rules area again the next time you join the world, and remember don’t give the password out to anyone. To revisit the rules simply type /spawn and re-enter the Fun Town rules building.

Rules specific to Roleplay include:

  1. No violent roleplays
  2. No begging other people to come and roleplay with you
  3. No bursting into someone else’s roleplay, ask politely if you can join and if they say no, find an alternative.
  4. Try to include all players who ask nicely to join. The more people in a roleplay, the more fun it is for everyone.
  5. No “mommy” or “daddy” roleplays.
  6. No giving out the roleplay gate password, or helping people skip the rules by /bringing them past it.

 Roleplay currently contains the following areas:

  • Fun town (an amusement park)
  • Pirate Island (a huge pirate themed area)
  • Stormridg (a medieval area)
  • Tech City (a futuristic, robot/sci-fi area)

Many more areas are currently in development and will be announced as they are completed.

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