Skygrid requires nerves of steel, parkour skills, and patience… Skygrid consists of blocks arranged in a grid – with nothing but empty space between them. Build an island, expand, and do challenges to get more blocks. Skygrid also contains a Nether and End world.

Here are a few commands to help you play in Skygrid:

Skygrid Commands

Command Description
Enter Skygrid world. You may also use this command to return to your home
/skygrid help View the complete list of Skygrid commands
/skygrid reset Opens the GUI control panel for Skygrid
/skygrid sethome Set the position where you teleport when you arrive in Skygrid or where you return after you die
/skygrid spawn Go to Skygrid spawn
/skygrid challenges Opens the Skygrid challenges GUI

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