What is Darkness?

Darkness is a mostly vanilla Minecraft world set on HARD mode. Basically it’s like playing Minecraft in single player but you get to play it with all your closest friends!

Because of it’s vanilla nature, Darkness is our most dangerous world. Zombies destroy your doors, creepers explode and take out not only people but their buildings as well. It’s tough to survive and most people find it easier to live in Mainland or Peaceful.

All rules are still in effect in Darkness with the exception of some banned items being allowed (such as lava, TNT, and fire). Do not use these items to grief or you will lose your permission to be in Darkness.

To gain access to Darkness you must have been active on the server for at least one month, have not committed any serious rule violations, and remain trusted by the staff. If you meet these qualifications you may submit a Darklist Request. Please note that not everyone is granted access to Darkness, and we will remove access if you enter the world and then break the rules.