My inventory changes when I go through certain portals. Why?

Our multi-world system lets us determine which worlds are connected and which worlds are completely separate. On Blocklandia only Peaceful, Mainland and the Nether are connected. This means your inventory should travel across these worlds.

However if you enter Darkness or Creative your inventory is completely separated. This means anything you find or make in Darkness stays in Darkness, and the same goes for Creative. This also means you can’t find something in Peaceful and take it into Creative or Darkness.

Pets are also unable to travel between worlds.

I died and can’t find my stuff! How can I get it back?

Dying is awful! Depending on how you died, where you died, and how long ago it was, we may be able to find your items for you. Use /helpme I died and can’t find my stuff and a staff member may be able to help you.

Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that we’ll find your stuff, but if we can help you we will.