Blocklandia is the BEST kid-friendly Minecraft server. The server was first created in December 2012, and we began getting it ready for the public in February 2013 in response to a need that we were seeing for a place where our children could play in an environment that was well maintained and protected. 

These unprecedented times have left families looking for more social connections online. We understand the importance of having a safe, welcoming environment for families to play and interact with others. Our top priority is providing an enjoyable Minecraft experience while promoting online safety.  Our player ages range from young children to adults. We recommend that younger players be supervised by an adult, as a certain amount of reading is required in order to become familiar with the rules and how to navigate the server.

Help keep Blocklandia Online!

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The server is created and maintained by parents and we love it when families play together. We use one of the strongest language filters available for  Minecraft. It allows us to not only filter out inappropriate language or words, but also to let the user know why we are filtering a particular word or phrase. This lets us keep chat kid-friendly without the need to “kick” people every 30 seconds like happens on other servers. Additionally, our staff is trained to monitor both chat and character skins.  For further details regarding inappropriate chat or MC skins, please see our FAQ section. Our rules are strictly enforced and always available for viewing. Attempts to bypass chat filters, or use of inappropriate skins, will be dealt with immediately.

We use a join request form to prescreen all players so that we can cut down on people who join just to grief or cause problems. Each username request is checked against major Minecraft databases to help weed out those who have a history of causing issues for others.

Players are able to lock their chests and secure belongings. We also have a ticket system in place for investigating griefing complaints (eg: destruction, loss, or damage to a player’s in-game builds/items). We strictly enforce our No Griefing policy as we strive to maintain a friendly and respectful MC environment.


Whether you like to venture out and explore, role-play with others, or create and build – Blocklandia offers it all!

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How Do I Join?

In order to submit a request, please click the Join Requests tab at the top and complete the questionnaire.  Before you join, you must read the rules and terms of service.  


Blocklandia is compatible with Minecraft: JAVA Edition only

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