Thank you for contributing to the server and allowing us to keep Blocklandia up and running for everyone! We recently switched to a new host to improve the experience you have with us on Blocklandia.

We are frequently asked how someone can contribute funds to the server. We spent a long time thinking about it and decided we didn’t want to be like most servers and offer perks for paying. The reason behind this is: we have kids. We’ve had those kids frequently come up to us and say “I need 200 dollars so I can get VIP status on a server” or “I need 50 dollars so I can talk in color on chat like everyone else.” We’d rather give out perks for good behavior. Our Darkness world is an example of that (access is limited to those who haven’t broken the rules or have worked hard to reform after breaking the rules).

That said, running a server is expensive. We pay for a server host so that we can be up 24/7 and we pay for keeping up the website and other miscellaneous expenses. We also like to pay it forward to the people who make our plugins that let us keep Blocklandia the best and safest family-friendly server available. We appreciate any help that we can get and have set up a couple of options for contributing funds to the upkeep and management of Blocklandia. Please note that these contributions are not associated with Mojang and if you have any questions about where the contributions are spent, you may contact us directly at [email protected]

To contribute funds for our server, website, plugins, and general upkeep:

btn_xpressCheckout2This link puts funds in an account that is used to pay to pay our server host and any remaining funds go toward our domain, website hosting, and other miscellaneous costs that come up when you run a server.

To contribute funds by purchasing Blocklandia gear:

Blocklandia est 2012We’ve created an assortment of Blocklandia items through Teespring. We have t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, and coffee mugs. If there is interest we can also make pillows, posters, and more.

All profits go directly to paying for the server.

To contribute funds to a specific plugin maker:

If you’d like to contribute directly to a plugin maker for a plugin that we use, send us an email and we’ll direct you to their pages (it’s okay if you say something like “I want to contribute to the maker of the thing that keeps chat safe, we’ll figure out which plugin you mean).

Once you’ve contributed:

If you do contribute to Blocklandia, please send us an email at [email protected] letting us know your username and the email attached to the contribution. We won’t give you any special perks on the server for it, but we are definitely grateful and like to know who to thank.





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