welcome to darkness

Darkness is our semi-vanilla, HARD-mode, Minecraft world. Hard-mode means that the mobs do, and will, damage you and your property. Creepers blow up buildings and players on a regular basis, zombies break down doors and carry them off, endermen walk in like they own the place and drop down a block of grass (usually in the exact spot to let your chickens escape).

TNT is allowed in Darkness as a tool for mining and for destroying mobs. Fire is also allowed, which means that flint and steel will work here, unlike the other worlds on the server. Lava and fire will spread and burn down buildings. Be careful with your lava buckets and do not set any area on fire that may result in burning down your house or someone else’s house. Also keep in mind that lightning storms may set forests on fire, so have a defensible space around your house (and think about building out of something other than wood).

PVP is on in Darkness, but is only allowed when everyone involved agrees. That means, no attacking people just because you can, doing so will result in your losing access to Darkness.

Even though TNT, fire, lava, and creepers are allowed in Darkness, that doesn’t mean that it’s okay to lead a creeper up to someone’s house and trigger it so that it blows up their property. It doesn’t mean you can use TNT to destroy someone else’s property. It doesn’t mean you can set a house on fire. Basically, it doesn’t mean that griefing of any kind is okay or tolerated. Griefing in Darkness, including using a creeper to grief your friend’s house “for fun” will be considered against the Blocklandia rules and may result in you losing access to Darkness and/or to to the server.

Some friendly advice:

  • Consider building your house underground or in a mountain so that it’s disguised into the landscape and is harder for mobs to blow up your area or steal your doors.
  • Fill your house with a lot of light so that mobs don’t spawn in the corners, and close off your entrance to your mine with a trap door.
  • Keep your items locked up in chests! Do not carry them around in Darkness. If you die in Darkness your items are lost forever and the staff cannot find them for you. Darkness is meant to be played how Minecraft was originally made.
  • Do not build right up against someone else’s land. Stay at least 100 blocks away if not further. There is plenty of room for everyone.
  • Do not walk into other people’s homes uninvited. They may be booby-trapped against mobs or may just not like having strangers in their house. Always ask before entry.
  • Do not complain about creeper damage, loss of life, or the difficulty of surviving in Darkness or you may lose your access to the world.
  • Do not break the rules, this includes griefing others or stealing their belongings in addition to the guidelines above. If you break even one rule in Darkness you will lose Darkness access and may not be able to earn it back.

Still want to join Darkness?

Due to the potential for damage in the Darkness world you must complete the following request form that shows you understand the rules. You must also have been playing consistently on the server for at least one month and not have gotten in trouble with the staff for griefing or rule breaking so that we know we can trust you to be able to follow the rules and handle living in Darkness. If we deny your application to join Darkness, we will tell you why and what you need to do and/or change in order to work toward being allowed in the world. Please note that it generally takes 2 to 3 weeks before an application is reviewed and access is granted or denied. If you haven’t heard anything after two weeks, ask Pepperbe if she’s has a chance to look at the applications and what your status is at that point.

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