How do I use the mail system?

Our mail client has a “Graphical Mail Interface” that allows you to use your mouse to click things to issue commands. Anything within the mailer that is in square brackets is clickable.


This will both check for new mail and display your mail inbox. You can click on items in the interface to read and reply to mail or you can use commands.

Click on [####]

This will open the specific mail that is numbered #### so that you can read it.  You can also use /mail read # to open the mail message.


Click [Delete] (at the bottom of the mail) after you read your message if you don’t want to keep it in your mailbox.


If you want to respond directly to a mail that you receive, click on the [Reply], this will open the interface so that you can click on [M1] to add a message. You must hit enter after you type your message before you click send or the message will be sent blank.

/mail write player

This is the command to send a new mail. Player is the name of the person you want to mail. You can also leave off the player name and select people from the Player List by clicking [Add recipient from Player list]. To remove a player name from the mail click the [x] by their name.

Click on [M1]

This opens a line to start adding lines to your mail. Once you have finished the line you must hit enter otherwise it will not save when you send the mail.  Add more lines to your message by clicking [M2] or [M3] and then typing in that line of your message. If you need to add more than 3 lines to your message you can select [add more message]. You can remove the message line by clicking on [x].


When you are done writing your mail click on [Send] to send your message or if you’ve changed your mind and don’t want to send the mail, click on [Cancel] to cancel it.

/mail text player message

This will send a quick one line mail to the specified player. To send longer mail use the /mail write interface.

/mail outbox

This will display messages you have sent. You can click on the number to reread them (or use /mail read #).

/mail trash all

This moves all of your mail to the trash. Please note that you will be asked if you want to move all read mail to the trash and you will have to type /mail trash all confirm to move the messages to the trash.

/mail trash

Lists your deleted messages. To remove one from trash click on the mail number and then click [Restore from trash]