Paintball is a classic PVP shoot-em game, where players join two teams and fight using paint-balls, hand grenades, and other weapons.

To enter the Paintball lobby, go to the Game Lobby from Shipyard, click on the Paintball avatar or do /pb join.  Make sure that you stand still after entering the command.  You will be transported to the Paintball lobby:

Paintball Lobby

Here is a list of other useful commands for Paintball:

Command Description
/pb help Help page
/pb leave Leave Paintball
/pb blue Join the blue team
/pb red Join the red team
/pb spec Join as spectator
/pb vote [id] Vote for a specific arena
/pb stats Statistics
/pb rank Shows the player’s rank
/pb top Shows the top ten players in Paintball
/pb shop Shows the purchase price for weapons in Paintball
/pb cash Shows how much cash you have in Paintball

City Center Arena

Rich Snobs Arena

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