Paradise is our entry level survival world. Get to Paradise by taking the ship with the blue sails at the Shipyard spawn.

There are no scary monsters or fall damage so you can mine and build without being shot by a skeleton, chased by a spider, or dying when you fall off your house.

You can still die from fire and lava and you are expected to mine to find materials from which to build. However, if you die and a staff member is available, they might be able to find your stuff (it has to be within 5 minutes of your dying, it can’t be a death to fire or lava, and they can’t be in the middle of working on something else).

If you’re looking for a place to explore,  Paradise has many options including the compass portals, the maps in the spawn, and the Paradise pathways. The Paradise spawn also has a community garden (be sure to replant it), enchantment tables, anvils, and is on the ocean so there’s plenty of fishing to be done.

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