People keep saying things like LOL, BRB, ROFL, and AFK … what do they mean?

The Internet is full of abbreviations and acronyms.  The ones we see often on Blocklandia are:

LOL = Laughing outloud

ROFL = Roll on the floor laughing (for when a simple LOL isn’t enough)

 GTG = got to go (used when mom & dad are saying get off the computer right now!)

AFK = Away from keys or away from keyboard

XD = A laughing happy face

=) = A happy face

D: and ): = Sad faces

NP = No problem

Thx = Thanks

Ty = Thank you

WB = Welcome back

You may notice that some of these automatically change into what they stand for, and some prompt you to spell out the word (such as thx for thanks). This happens because of the way we have our chat filter set. If you ever aren’t sure what something means on chat, just ask!

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