How do I get help from the staff?

To submit a help ticket type:

/ticket new why you need help

When you have successfully submitted a help ticket you will see a message on your screen saying that you submitted it. This means that the staff has been notified that you need help. We will look at your help request and answer it as soon as possible. If there are no staff on, we will see it as soon as we log in.

You can check on the status of your ticket with:

/ticket list

This will list all tickets you have submitted and their status (pending, onhold, claimed or closed). It will also tell you the number of your ticket (at the start of the line). Use this number to read specific information about your help request.

/ticket check #

This command uses the number assigned to your ticket (/tickets list if you can’t remember what number it has been assigned). This will display the full ticket, let you see any comments that have been put on it by staff (comments are usually questions asking for more information), and any comments you’ve put on the ticket.

/ticket comment # additional information related to your ticket

This command lets you add additional information to your help ticket. Use this command instead of submitting several tickets about the same topic. You also will use this command to answer questions posted by staff members if they aren’t on to answer directly.

/ticket close # why you closed the ticket

This command lets you close your own ticket. Use it if you realized that you didn’t need help or if you were helped and the ticket is still open the next day. Please include the reason why you closed the ticket so that we know if your issue was resolved or not.

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