Use the /helpme command when you need help from a staff member. You can use this command for any type of help. If there are no staff members on, we will see the ticket as soon as we log in.


/helpme I’ve been griefed.  It’s better if you do this standing at the exact location you’ve been griefed because we can teleport to the location you were in when you did the /helpme command.

This also works if you can’t find your house and there are no staff members online, you can type in /helpme I can’t find my house. I built it out of cobble in Peaceful..  Just make sure you include as much detail as you can about what you built your house out of, or where you built it. When a staff member logs in, they’ll see your help request and should get to it as soon as possible.

If you need to add more detail to a /helpme you can use the comment function. Do this by typing /comment # comment (the # is assigned when you put in the /helpme request). This way you don’t need to open multiple tickets for the same issue and can provide as much detail as needed. To see the number of a helpme ticket you can type /status and see your 5 most recent tickets.


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