Blocklandia’s Main Rules (short version):

  1. All actions must be family-friendly: No swearing, bullying, racism, or talking about or depicting on signs or in builds inappropriate topics.
  2. No griefing: ruining, destroying, changing, or stealing something that someone else built or found.
  3. No using client modifications or hacks that give you an unfair advantage in the game.
  4. No using banned  items (TNT, lava, fire, mob eggs, invisibility potions, or end portals) unless in an area where they are specifically allowed.
  5. Be respectful to staff


Blocklandia’s Chat Rules:

All topics need to be family-friendly. If you wouldn’t say it to your 3rd grade teacher, don’t say it on chat.

  • No swearing
  • No bullying or being mean
  • No racism
  • No talking about inappropriate topics (like T or M rated games or TV shows made for grown-ups).

No spamming the chat. Spam includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • typing the same letter over and over (hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii)
  • typing the same word on line after line after line of chat
  • typing gibberish or nonsense (asdlj;lkjweroiuasdl;fjasd;lfkjasdf;lakjsdf;l afasdf)
  • letting us know you’re asleep with zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

No shouting. Shouting includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • Using CAPS by accident is okay on our server but if you do it repeatedly it becomes shouting and is not okay.
  • Yelling at someone like this: stop!!! Leave!!! Go!!!

No advertising other games or servers:

  • No giving out IPs to other servers
  • No talking about other servers
  • No talking about other servers using code words to get around the filter
  • No logging in and asking people to join your server

Listen to, and do not argue with, staff members

Our chat is filtered

  • We use a plugin called pwnfilter which allows us to monitor and change chat fairly well.
  • It’s so strong that at times it filters things it shouldn’t filter. Having something you type filtered doesn’t mean you’re in trouble, it just means that you triggered our filter.
  • If you ever have questions about the chat filter you are welcome to email us at [email protected]

Blocklandia’s Main Rules (detailed version):

Rule 1: All Topics and Actions Must be Family-Friendly

We expect you to be helpful, be nice, and be a good person while on Blocklandia. We don’t allow:

  • swearing
  • being mean
  • racism
  • bullying
  • talking about inappropriate topics like grown-up games (those rated T or M), or TV shows (those rated for ages 13 or above)
  • wearing inappropriate or grown-up Minecraft skins such as those depicting Herobrine, nudity, gore, or are scary to young children.
  • building structures that depict inappropriate topics such as body parts or that are designed to cause harm or death to another player’s character.

The basic rule of thumb is: if you wouldn’t say it, show it, or do it to your grandma; don’t say it or show it or do it on Blocklandia or its affiliated sites.

Rule 2: No Causing Grief to Other Players (aka Griefing)

Destroying, ruining, changing, or stealing something someone else built or found is called GRIEFING and is not allowed. The following are examples of griefing:

Griefing by removing blocks

Griefing by destroying or ruining something built by others

In the above room someone has griefed by breaking the floor blocks (light blue wool) and taking them. It’s never okay to break the blocks that someone else put down unless they have given you specific permission. This includes not digging your way into someone else’s build or breaking walls or glass panes to see what’s on the other side.

Note:  If you ever break a block by accident let the staff know by typing /helpme I broke a block here by accident. The more detail you provide the better (such as what exactly was broken), as staff can teleport to the location you broke the block in and fix it even if you are not on, and then you will not be accused of griefing.


Griefing by adding blocks

Griefing by adding blocks and items onto something built by someone else

The above image shows a similar room that has been griefed by having blocks placed instead of removed. Someone has added several plants, beds, and signs without the permission of the owner of the room.  Nothing is ever “abandoned” on Blocklandia. Get permission from the building owner or builder before you add anything at all.


Stealing items from a chest

Griefing through stealing items in a chest that belong to someone else

Griefing is more than just adding or destroying something someone else took the time to mine and build. It can also mean taking items (e.g., stealing) from a chest that doesn’t belong to you. If you find an unlocked chest, and it isn’t in a mineshaft or dungeon, it probably belongs to someone else. Leave it alone. We can track who takes things out of chests even if they are unlocked.


Stealing from a farm

Griefing by harvesting plants grown by someone else

Most farms are private. Someone has taken the time to find the seeds, set up farm land, plant the seeds, and wait for them to grow. Do not take someone else’s crop without asking. Even if you replant what you have taken, it is still griefing if you do not have permission.


Killing animals

Griefing by killing animals raised or tamed by someone else

Animals are also kept in farms so that people can harvest the goods that they drop like wool, eggs, and meat. It takes a lot of work to capture an animal. First you have to find it, then you have to lead it back to your pen (often through many obstacles) and then you have to tend to it and hope that it survives. If you see an animal in a pen or a cat or wolf that has been tamed, DO NOT kill them.  They belong to someone else and it is a form of griefing to kill them (not to mention you will make someone else very sad).

If you are ever unsure if you can kill something, break something, take something, or alter something (e.g., if you aren’t sure if it’s griefing) ask a staff member.  Remember that nothing is ever considered abandoned and you’re better off asking for clarification than being punished for breaking a rule.


Rule 3: No using client modifications or hacks that give you an unfair advantage in the game

This includes x-ray mods, mods that let you fly, or abusing glitches in the game to gain an advantage.

Xray mods

Using an unfair advantage like an x-ray texture pack makes the game less fun fore everyone

The above image is from someone using an x-ray client modification. The use of mods like this is strictly forbidden on our server.

If someone gives you a large number of diamonds or rare items chances are they are either stolen or were gotten through the use of an illegal mod. Let staff know if someone gives you a large number of rare items, or if you see someone who isn’t staff or a contributor flying or if you see anyone abusing a glitch.


Rule 4: No Using Banned Items

Several items that you can access in single player are banned or restricted on Blocklandia. We carefully review each item before adding it to our banned list. Please do not attempt to use items that are not allowed.


TNT is banned because it causes lag to the server and can be used to grief buildings or hurt other players.

The only places on Blocklandia where TNT is allowed are in the Darkness and Nightmare worlds. In these worlds, TNT is allowed for mining and setting up mob traps.

It is not allowed for griefing buildings/structures, to purposely kill another player, or in excessive amounts. Inappropriate use of TNT in Darkness will result in your access to Darkness world being removed, and possibly being kicked or banned from Blocklandia.


lavaThe use of lava is banned because it can be used to harm/kill other players and to grief buildings or structures that someone else built. Naturally occurring lava is allowed but you cannot put it in a bucket and transport or use it.

The only places on Blocklandia where lava is allowed are in the Darkness and Nightmare worlds.



Fire is not allowed to be used in the main survival worlds on Blocklandia because it can be used to harm/kill other players or grief buildings/structures.

Fire is allowed in Darkness, Nightmare and Creative. While flint and steel is not a banned item, you won’t be able to use them anywhere fire is banned.


Invisibility potionInvisibility potions are often used on not so friendly servers to harass other people.

We have chosen to ban them from our server to better protect each player from unwanted trolling and harassment.


spawn eggsSpawn eggs are banned throughout Blocklandia, and particularly in our Creative world because they can quickly multiply and cause severe lag both for individual Minecraft clients and for the server.

In order to offer you a less laggy environment we chose to ban spawn eggs.


End stone portal

Blocklandia has no end … except when we turn The End on for special server-wide events! Most of the time, however, end portal stones won’t do anything, and definitely won’t take you to the end so don’t waste your ender eyes!


Rule 5: Be respectful to staff

Blocklandia is built and maintained by a team of volunteers who put in a lot of their spare time and money to provide you with a family-friendly environment. We deserve to be treated with respect and will in turn; will treat you with respect. If you ever feel you are not being treated appropriately by staff please submit a /helpme ticket on the game or contact us and we’ll look into it.

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