If you are the type of Minecraft player who loves challenges, Skyblock is for you!

On Skyblock, you start marooned on a small island in the sky, with only a few items and a cow or a chicken. Increase your island’s level by building.  Advance and get more items by completing challenges.  Once you have enough materials, build a portal to Skyblock Nether, where you can complete more challenges!


To get to Skyblock, do /island from any of the Blocklandia worlds.  Below is a list of other useful Skyblock commands.

Skyblock Commands

Command Description
/challenges View and complete challenges.
/island help View the complete list of Skyblock commands.
/island controlpanel Opens the GUI control panel for Skyblock.
/island sethome Set the position where you teleport when you arrive in Skyblock.
/island spawn Go to Skyblock spawn.  (This is where you leave Skyblock to return to Shipyard.)
/island reset Restart your island.
Warning: This command will delete your island and reset your island level and challenges!
/island warps Show warps to other islands.

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