SkyWorlds Command Reference

Various SkyWorld games exist in Blocklandia, each offering a different experience:

  • AOneBlock
  • Boxed
  • BSkyBlock
  • CaveBlock
  • SkyGrid

The games are part of BentoBoxWorld:

Enter the hut near the library in Shipyard to teleport to Mirkwood, then follow the signs that lead you to where you can teleport to each of the SkyWorld islands.


AOneBlock starts with only one block… Break the block to find-out what happens next!


This game puts you into a tiny space that expands as you complete Minecraft achievements.


BSkyBlock provides a skyblock-type Minecraft game for players that supports a default set of 3 islands (overworld, nether and end)


An interesting variation from Skyblock, where your goal is to survive in a cube of stone!


SkyGrid is a variation of SkyBlock that features a grid of random blocks in three dimensions, each separated by air. Watch your step!


The SkyWorlds share common commands between them. Below is a command reference:

Go to your island/ob/box/island/cb/sg
About/island about/cb about
Ban a player from your island/ob ban/box ban/island ban/cb bban/sg ban
List banned players/ob banlist/box banlist/island banlist/cb banlist/sg banlist
Biome command/ob biomes/box biomes/island biomes/cb biomes/sg biomes
Show challenges/ob challenges/box challenges/island challenges/cb challenges/sg challenges
Create an island/ob create/box create/island create/cb create/sg create
Go to your island/ob go/box go/island go/cb go/sg go
Island information/ob info/box info/island info/cb info/sg info
Select language/ob language/box language/island language/cb language/sg language
Calculate your island level/ob level [player]/box level [player]/island level [player]/cb level [player]/sg level [player]
Reset your island/ob reset/box reset/island reset/cb reset/sg reset
Set your home teleport point/ob sethome/box sethome/island sethome/cb sethome/sg sethome
Set your island name/ob setname/box setname/island setname/cb setname/sg setname
Display island settings/ob settings/box settings/island settings/cb settings/sg settings
Teleport to the spawn/ob spawn/box spawn/island spawn/cb spawn/sg spawn
Reset your island name/ob resetname/box resetname/island resetname/cb resetname/sg resetname
Unban a player from your island/ob unban/box unban/island unban/cb unban/sg unban
Manage your team/ob team/box team/island team/cb team/sg team
Show the top ten/ob top/box top/island top/cb top/sg top
Warp to teh player’s warp sign/ob warp/box warp/island warp/cb warp/sg warp
Open the warp panel/ob warps/box warps/island warps/cb warps/sg warps

SkyWorld Team Commands

Accept a team invitation/ob team accept/box team accept/island team accept/cb team accept/sg team accept
Make a player co-op rank on your island/ob team coop/box team coop/island team coop/cb team coop/sg team coop
Demote a player from your island rank/ob team demote/box team demote/island team demote/cb team demote/sg team demote
Leave your team/ob team leave/box team leave/island team leave/cb team leave/sg team leave
Invite a player to join your island/ob team invite/box team invite/island team invite/cb team invite/sg team invite
Remove a player from your island/ob team kick/box team kick/island team kick/cb team kick/sg team kick
Promote a player on your island up a rank/ob team promote/box team promote /island team promote/cb team promote/sg team promote
Reject an invitation/ob team reject/box team reject/island team reject/cb team reject/sg team reject
Transfer island ownership to a member/ob team setowner/box team setowner/island team setowner/cb team setowner/sg team setowner
Give a player trusted rank on your island/ob team trust/box team trust/island team trust/cb team trust/sg team trust

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