Can I still play on Blocklandia if I was banned on another server?

We run a check on each username that’s submitted against four major ban plugin systems. If we notice a ban attached to your username, we’ll contact you and ask for an explanation of what occurred. If you receive a previous bans email, we’ll ask you to be up front with us about what happened and how you’ll behave differently on our server. We understand mistakes happen, and people mature with age. If you have a tendency to grief but want to overcome that, tell us and we’ll work with you on how to behave differently on Blocklandia.

Why was I kicked?

Everyone is kicked on occasion, including staff. Kicks are used as a temporary way to call attention to behavior that is not allowed. Rather than being upset or offended by having been kicked, look at the behavior that resulted in your being kicked and learn from it.

Unlike on many servers, we limit how often we kick someone. Reasons why you may have been kicked include being unresponsive to staff or arguing with staff. You may have also been kicked due to “downtime.” Downtime means that we’ve closed the server temporarily to fix or update something. Check our website, Twitter feed, or Facebook page for updates when we’re in downtime.

If you feel staff is kicking you too often or wrongfully kicking you from the server, please notify a higher ranking staff member, use /helpme (example: /helpme A staff member keeps kicking me and I don’t know why or for no reason or email us at [email protected]


I got banned or my friend got banned from Blocklandia. Now what?

We want all of our players and staff to have an enjoyable Minecraft experience. To make this possible for our staff, Blocklandia has switched to having a one-strike policy when it comes to bans. We make it very clear what rules are expected to be followed, and if you cannot follow them, there are other servers to play on. If you aren’t certain if something is allowed – ask a staff member and wait for a response.