Protecting Horses

We have a plugin that lets you claim your horse so that no one can steal it or kill it, and so that you can find it using a compass if it wanders off. It also lets you craft nametags, saddles, and horse armour (all of these items are typically only found in dungeons/mineshafts). Please note claimed horses can still die from damage, so treat your horse with care.

Claiming a horse

To claim a horse you simply need to name the horse using a nametag. If you don’t have a nametag you can craft one using 2 leather and 1 string in any crafting table.

craft nametag


To use a nametag you put it in the first slot of an anvil and then type in the name you want for your horse. To rename something in an anvil you have to have XP (the Enchantment Cost is the number of XP you need).

using nametag

You can see how much XP you have by looking at the green number above your hotbar (in this example I have 19 XP). If you don’t have enough XP to rename the nametag, you can earn more by fighting mobs, going mining, smelting ore in furnaces, and/or breeding animals. XP appears as floating green dots.

xp bar

Once you have the nametag ready you right click the horse you want to claim with it. The name you chose will appear over the horse and the plugin will tell you that you’ve successfully claimed that horse. You can only claim 10 horses so make sure you choose wisely (don’t worry you can sell them off to others, or unclaim them if needed).

Claiming the horse does not automatically tame the horse. You still need to tame it in order to ride it anywhere. To tame a horse you right click on it and ride it as many times as it takes before hearts appear. Once the hearts appear the horse no longer throws you off, and you can ride it anywhere you want if you have a saddle.

Saddles & Armour

To craft a saddle (required to really control a horse) you need 5 leather and 3 iron ingots.

craft saddle

You can also craft armour for your horse. This helps protect your horse from damage. Each type of armour takes 6 iron, gold, or diamonds and 1 wool in the following pattern

craft diamond horse armour

To put the saddle on the horse hold it in your hand and right click on the horse. This will open an interface that lets you put saddles and armour on your horses.

Helpful Horse Related Commands:

 /stables AddRider username
This command will let you give permission to your friends to use your horse. Only do this with people you trust.

/stables DelRider username

This command is used to make it so the username can no longer ride your horse.

/stables list

This will list the names of all your claimed horses. Once you find out the name of your horse, you can use the find command if your horse has wandered off.

/stables find horsename

This command will make it so that a compass will point in the direction of your horse. You can follow the compass to where your horse is happily wandering around.

/stables abandon

This command removes your claim to the horse. If you sell your claimed horse you should abandon it so that the new owner can claim it.

Click here to download this page as a pdf: Blocklandia commands – protecting horses

I need more supplies! I need food! I need armour! Help!?!

The /kit starter command gives you the basic things you need to get started: wood, cobblestone, chests, a furnace, torches, stone tools, some food (there’s even a melon seed for the vegetarian/vegan players who don’t want to eat virtual meat), a bow, some arrows, a bed, book and quill, leather armor, and a workbench.


kit starter


You can use this command every 10 minutes. If you want to know how to craft something found in /kit starter so that you don’t have to use it every time you need that item, just ask!

How to I get back to the spawn point?

Each world has a specific spawn point. To return to the spawn type /spawn.

Ships to all worlds are in the Shipyard spawn. If you’re in a world other than Shipyard and want to go to a different world, type /spawn, turn around, and board the ship that is docked at that spawn point. That will take you back to the Shipyard.

If you want to return to your home rather than the spawn use /home

How do I use a warp?

Warps are preset areas that you can teleport to using the /warp command. To use a warp you simply type in /warp warpname. Warps are case sensitive and should not have spaces in them. This means that /warp my_house is not the same as /warp My_House or /warp MYHOUSE.

To view the warps that you have set, use the command /warp assets

As ships begin to travel around the worlds, there will be warps listed in the hold of each ship that point to previous spawn points for that world.

For more information see how to set a warp and how to delete a warp and how to list warps.

How can I teleport to another player?

Teleporting on Blocklandia is a two-person system. To teleport to someone you need to /call username.  When you do this, they will see the following message:

**TELEPORT** username requests a teleport! Use /bring <name> to accept.

and you will see:

Teleport request sent.

If they accept the request you will see:

Your teleport request to aguane was accepted. and then  you will be teleported to their location.


Where am I?

You can use the /where command to find out the world you are in, the coordinates for where you are standing, and the direction you are facing.

For example if you typed /where while standing at the Mainland spawn you would see:

Player: yourname(that’s you!)
World: Mainland
Location: (77.0000, 68.0000, -2987.0000)
Depth: 68
Direction: Southeast

What time is it?

Use the command /time to find the time of the world you’re in.

It will look like this:  Time: 21:26 (9:26 pm)

Time is different in each world. Use the time command to know if it’s day or not outside your house or when you get ready to leave a cave.


Use the /helpme command when you need help from a staff member. You can use this command for any type of help. If there are no staff members on, we will see the ticket as soon as we log in.


/helpme I’ve been griefed.  It’s better if you do this standing at the exact location you’ve been griefed because we can teleport to the location you were in when you did the /helpme command.

This also works if you can’t find your house and there are no staff members online, you can type in /helpme I can’t find my house. I built it out of cobble in Peaceful..  Just make sure you include as much detail as you can about what you built your house out of, or where you built it. When a staff member logs in, they’ll see your help request and should get to it as soon as possible.

If you need to add more detail to a /helpme you can use the comment function. Do this by typing /comment # comment (the # is assigned when you put in the /helpme request). This way you don’t need to open multiple tickets for the same issue and can provide as much detail as needed. To see the number of a helpme ticket you can type /status and see your 5 most recent tickets.