People keep saying things like LOL, BRB, ROFL, and AFK … what do they mean?

The Internet is full of abbreviations and acronyms.  The ones we see often on Blocklandia are:

LOL = Laughing outloud

ROFL = Roll on the floor laughing (for when a simple LOL isn’t enough)

 GTG = got to go (used when mom & dad are saying get off the computer right now!)

AFK = Away from keys or away from keyboard

XD = A laughing happy face

=) = A happy face

D: and ): = Sad faces

NP = No problem

Thx = Thanks

Ty = Thank you

WB = Welcome back

You may notice that some of these automatically change into what they stand for, and some prompt you to spell out the word (such as thx for thanks). This happens because of the way we have our chat filter set. If you ever aren’t sure what something means on chat, just ask!

I have a question that’s not listed here. Who do I ask?

We love answering questions. If you didn’t find your answer in the FAQs or on our command list you can ask via chat on the server, use /helpme your question or Contact Us using the form on this website.

If you think your question should be added to the FAQ please use /helpme your question so that we have a log of the question and can add it the next time we update our FAQs.

Why is everyone ignoring me?

Chat moves very quickly at times and it can be difficult for people to read and respond to what you have said. If no one responds right away, wait a few minutes and then say it again. You want to wait a couple of minutes so that you don’t spam chat.

Remember that people are more likely to respond to friendly words than angry or negative ones. For example, try saying “does anyone want to go mining?” instead of “no one is my friend D:

If you need help from a staff member simply use /helpme why you need help and a staff member will respond to you as soon as possible.

Someone keeps spamming and SHOUTING! What do I do?

If you’re a member of the staff you have several options including talking to the person, muting, and kicking them. If you don’t know how to use these commands ask another staff member for help.

If you aren’t staff, and there are no staff on to help monitor the chat, please discourage the person from spamming but be polite while you do it (for example, “Please don’t spam” is better than “stop!!! that’s breaking the rules!!!“).

Sometimes what I type in chat changes. Why?

We use a strong chat filter that helps us make certain the chat stays family-friendly. In addition to filtering out inappropriate words, it will also occasionally help you out by typing out an abbreviation. Most times when the filter changes something it will display a message on your screen telling you why it made a change to what you typed.

If the filter ever filters something that you don’t think should be filtered, please let us know by emailing [email protected]

How can I talk to someone privately or send them a message?

/msg username message

This command allows you to send a private message to another character. When you send a message to someone else:

You type:
/msg aguane Do you see that gold??

You will see:
(To aguane): Do you see that gold??

They will see:
(From aguane): Do you see that gold??

If someone sends you a private message and you want to respond to them, you can use either /msg username or you can use /r and it will respond to the last private message that you received.