How do I join Blocklandia?

To be added to Blocklandia, you must submit a request by clicking on the Join Requests tab at the top of the page. Each application is reviewed prior to being added. If your application is accepted, we will email you information about how to join the server. We will also email you if we have any questions about your application.

You must have a Minecraft: JAVA Edition for PC/Mac account to play on Blocklandia. Pocket Edition (PE), Xbox, and Minecraft: Windows Edition accounts cannot access Blocklandia.

Please read our Terms of Service and Rules before you submit the request.

Why do you need my email address and what are you going to use it for?

We require a valid email address so that we can contact you regarding your request to join and occasionally we use your email address to contact you if your kid is having difficulty understanding the rules and we want to get you involved in helping them understanding what is allowed or not.

I sent in a request to join and haven’t heard anything

We attempt respond to every each request that we receive. However, sometimes the email that we send bounces back or, even worse, the original request doesn’t have an email address for us to contact. Requests typically can take 2 to 4 weeks to be processed. If you haven’t received an email from us and it’s been more than 2 weeks since you submitted your request, please send us an email directly to [email protected] and we will help you figure out why you haven’t heard from us.

Can I still play on Blocklandia if I was banned on another server?

We run a check on each username that’s submitted against four major ban plugin systems. If we notice a ban attached to your username, we’ll contact you and ask for an explanation of what occurred. If you receive a previous bans email, we’ll ask you to be up front with us about what happened and how you’ll behave differently on our server. We understand mistakes happen, and people mature with age. If you have a tendency to grief but want to overcome that, tell us and we’ll work with you on how to behave differently on Blocklandia.

Oh no! My Launcher automatically updated, what do I do??

The new launcher defaults on using the most current version of Minecraft that has been released by Mojang. Unfortunately, servers like Blocklandia aren’t able to immediately update to the new version (we have to wait for plugins to update first.) When the server is not the same version as your Minecraft client you’ll see an “outdated server” message when you try to connect. This means you need to switch to the same version that the server is on, in order to join us.

The good news is, with the current launcher, it’s extremely easy to switch between versions. The first step is to click on the Edit Profile button in the bottom left side of the launcher:


Then change the version your profile is using to the previous version (or the version of the server) by clicking on the arrow after the Use Version: box.

The server is currently on release 1.16.3

I like to set up a profile for each version (labeled with the version number) so that I can easily switch back and forth as needed.