How do I add a resource pack?

Adding a resource pack is pretty simple once you know how. The first step is to make sure your parents are okay with you downloading and installing a resource pack.

If they are, find one that you like and download it from a reputable site. We recommend sticking to sites like Planet Minecraft or the official Minecraft Forums and make sure you always scan your download for viruses before you do anything with them.

Keep in mind that resource packs often stop working when a new version of Minecraft is released, so when you pick your resource pack you’ll want to find one that works with your current version. Your resource pack is typically a .zip file. Don’t unzip it, you’ll put the entire zip file into the resource pack folder.

To install the resource pack press the ESC key on your keyboard. This will open up the game menu. Click on Options…

esc and options


The option screen can be confusing but the only thing you want to worry about on there right now is the Resource Packs button on the bottom left side:

options screen

This button opens up the Resource Pack screen and lets you quickly switch from one resource pack to another. If you haven’t installed any packs, the only thing you will see is the default resource pack:

resource screen

At the bottom of this screen is the Open resource pack folder button. Click on it to open the folder where you’re going to save your resource packs (you can also get to this folder from the .minecraft folder found under AppData).

Drag the resource pack zip file into this folder. Do not unzip it, just leave it in the folder as is so that it looks something like this:

folder with resource pack

Close the folder and go back to your Minecraft client. Open back up the Resource Pack screen (following the same directions as above) and there will now be two resource packs available to choose from: default, and the one you just installed:

resource screen 2

Click on the resource pack you want to use so that it’s surrounded by a light grey box (see above) and then click the done button. Tada! You are now using a resource pack.