How do I use a warp?

Warps are preset areas that you can teleport to using the /warp command. To use a warp you simply type in /warp warpname. Warps are case sensitive and should not have spaces in them. This means that /warp my_house is not the same as /warp My_House or /warp MYHOUSE.

To view the warps that you have set, use the command /warp assets

As ships begin to travel around the worlds, there will be warps listed in the hold of each ship that point to previous spawn points for that world.

For more information see how to set a warp and how to delete a warp and how to list warps.

How can I teleport to another player?

Teleporting on Blocklandia is a two-person system. To teleport to someone you need to /call username.  When you do this, they will see the following message:

**TELEPORT** username requests a teleport! Use /bring <name> to accept.

and you will see:

Teleport request sent.

If they accept the request you will see:

Your teleport request to aguane was accepted. and then  you will be teleported to their location.


How do I get to other worlds?

At spawn, there are portals on all the boats, just walk through and you’ll be in another world.

To get to spawn, type /spawn easy as that!

How do I teleport someone to me?

You cannot teleport someone to you without their permission. If you try to teleport someone who hasn’t used /call you’ll see the following message:

That person didn’t request a teleport recently. Ask them to /call you (again) if you want to bring them to you.

Sometimes you’ll see this message if they did /call you, but it took too long before you were able to bring them to you. If this happens, just ask them to /call you again. When someone does request a teleport from you, you’ll see this message:

**TELEPORT** username requests a teleport! Use /bring <name> to accept.

To bring someone to you after they request a teleport use /bring or /s (either will work).

How do I set a warp?

Setting a warp is pretty easy. To set a warp you simply type /warp set warpname.

The warpname can be anything you want it to be, but it’s a good idea to make it easy to remember. You should not use spaces and remember the warp name is case sensitive. That means /warp My_Home is not the same as /warp my_home.

You can make the warp public or private. Public warps are listed for everyone to see, and can be used by anyone. Private warps show up in your warp list, and in the list of those you invite to the warp.

To set a warp that you’ve already made to private you type /warp private warpname. This will take an already made warp and turn it into a private warp. You must be the owner of the warp to be able to turn it private. To set a warp private from the beginning use /warp pset warpname (pset = set private).

To invite a user to a private warp use /warp invite username warpname.

Each user has a limit of how many warps they can set/own. Adventurers can have 8 warps, Squires can have 12, and Knights can have 16. If you run out of available warp space, please do not ask a staff member to set one for you, simply remove a warp you no longer need or want.

For more information see how to use a warp and delete a warp and how to list warps.